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Overwatch: An Effective Guide for Beginners!

Overwatch is the most long-awaited game that combines the FPS-shooter and the principle of the game Dota 2. Here, we are going to have a look at the principle of the game, which will help beginners to figure out and get the basics. Battles in Overwatch take place 6x6, where you have to attack or defend, it all depends on the type of map. Before you make bets on, you should know that in the game, the tasks are divided into two types: accompaniment - the attackers face the task of delivering the load to the specified location, while the defenders should prevent them from doing it in every way; capture points - you need to capture points and keep control over them.

Things You Should Know about Overwatch Gameplay

Check things you need to know to play and win. So, defenders need to fend off the attackers until time runs out. Some maps combine these two modes. In this case, you have to capture the point, and then escort the convoy to the spot. Pay attention to the lines on the ground - they help to find the way. Do not forget that at the beginning of the battle the defensive team gets some time for the alignment of forces, then the attackers go over to the attack. One bout at Overwatch lasts about 7.5 minutes. However, depending on the skills of the players, this time can both decrease and increase. In total, Overwatch contains 21 characters, each of which has a number of unique abilities (a number of basic and one absolute). All characters perform one of 4 types of roles:

  • Storm - the player’s goal is to eliminate opponents as quickly as possible. These heroes have a small figure of armor and health, but they must first get to their goals.
  • Protection - these include snipers, which cause damage over long distances, and heroes that can keep the enemy in place. For example, this may be Torbjorn, which sets the turret for the defense of the tank - its main goal is to break through the crowd of opponents. It has a huge amount of health. Among the heroes there are Winston and Dawn.
  • Support - they provide all possible assistance to their team, whether it be increasing team damage or treatment. If you recently started playing Overwatch, or are just planning to join the game, then you should take characters that can adapt during the match.

The interaction between the heroes of the games in Overwatch plays an important role. Some pairs are perfectly combined with each other and due to their abilities you can create cool combinations. Follow the tips and you'll succeed!

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